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We Make Business Move

Our firm brings together a unique blend of sectoral expertise, the ability to source real-time developments, identification of best available data sources such that our recommendations are based on ground realities and informed by the latest literature.

We also actively ideate and execute innovative business models and contribute to setting up impactful companies. Our partners and advisers have an extensive network and experience of working on high- profile investment and infrastructure projects in Nepal.


Doing our Diligence

Financial Advisory Services


  • Equity Syndication
  • Loan Syndication 
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Business Turnaround Service
  • Tax Planning and Consultancy
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Specialized Services

Project Cycle Service


  • Project Identification
  • Project Studies
  • Master Plans and Feasibility Studies
  • Investment/Project Approval
  • Due Diligence
  • Contract Bidding
  • Project Implementation
  • Asset Management

Negotiation, Stakeholder Engagement and Policy Advisory


  • Project Development Agreement
  • Project Investment Agreement
  • Power Purchase Agreement and Tariff Determination
  • Negotiation and Representation at Government Institutions and Regulators
  • Policy Advisory 
  • Stakeholder Engagement

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